Feb. 2, 2022


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A deep dive on the best new show we have seen in a long time, the wildly chilling Yellowjackets!
Mahsa and guest-host Mary cover lots of ground, so this is spoiler and speculation heavy - fair warning. From what makes the show resonate with so many people, dream casting scenarios, the most imaginative theories on Reddit (we can agree that Adam isn't Javi though, right!?), to the refreshing diversity, and so much more.

Sometimes a show is internet popular and takes over Twitter and Reddit; other times it's popular because so many people actually watch it. Yellowjackets is that rare combination of both, with the magic of perfect casting and pacing, it's nearly poetic. It's the kind of show you want to dissect; part of the fun is the heavy symbolism and 'what does it mean' of it all. And it's the perfect vehicle for some of our fave 90's actresses - Juliette Lewis, Christina Ricci, and Melanie Lynsky.

Obsessions include the tv show from the 2000's you need to watch if you already miss Yellowjackets, plus Mary's undying love of the Real Housewives multiverse.

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