April 14, 2021

VC Andrews & the Wild Bestseller 'Flowers in the Attic'

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Join Mahsa and guest host Mary as they explore the illicit and wild world of VC Andrews novels, with a synopsis of cult classic 'Flowers in Attic.'

We discuss transitioning from the coming of age books of our Gen X/Millennial generation (the classics- Judy Blume, Goosebumps, Sweet Valley Twins, Babysitters Club, Christopher Pike); to the scandalous world of VC Andrews novels, where we hoped our parents didn't read the back cover (spoiler alert, they did and were mad).

We chat about what made these books so compelling as teens, their enduring cult legacy, the added mystery of a ghostwriter, and more. This episode is high on nostalgia, the special brand of parental neglect in the eighties, and the literary secrets we kept as twelve year old girls.
Also--rapid fire questions eighties edition--play along and see if you can go 6/6.

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Show Notes & Sources:
Flowers in the Attic (VC Andrews)
'Top That' Rap (Teen Witch)
Unfollow Every Celebrity Except January Jones (Taylor Roberts, Paper)