Jan. 25, 2022

The Rise & Fall of Elizabeth Holmes: Tried and Convicted

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The verdict is in, and while it was a mixed bag, Elizabeth Holmes was found guilty on 4 charges of defrauding investors.

Pop culture writer and critic Kayleigh Donaldson joins us as we deep dive the never-ending Elizabeth Holmes story. From the rise and fall of her company Theranos, that promised to revolutionize the healthcare industry by running hundreds of tests through just a few drops of blood, to going from the cover of Forbes to potentially serving time behind bars. We break it all down for you, as we try to answer the big questions (how did she convince investors to give her hundred of millions of dollars, what does this mean for the future of Silicon Valley, how likely is it that she'll serve time, why did nobody ask questions!?)

Perhaps the biggest question is how Elizabeth Holmes will reinvent herself in her second act. Because if it's one thing we know, it's that America loves a good comeback story.
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