July 26, 2022

The Provocative Business of Being a Kardashian

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We’re tackling one of our most requested topics today, a deep-dive on the First Family of Reality TV and their ascent into major A List status, the Kardashians!
Joining the episode is Stacy Lee Kong, Founding Editor of whip smart pop culture site, Friday Things.
We break down the Kardashians place in pop culture history and what makes them so compelling. Whether you love them, hate them, or claim not to care, there’s no denying the impact they’ve had on culture.
From their business savvy and multiple million (and billion!) dollar companies, to how they've parlayed 15 minutes into 15 years and counting, their cultural currency has never been more relevant. While to some they embody the classic American success story, we break down how they've profited and benefitted from leveraging the aesthetic influence of the Black community, and how that's recently been shifting. Kim cosplaying Marilyn has more to do with perceptions of class than it does fitting into that dress!
Shedding the dead weight of 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' has officially ushered them into their latest era on Disney Plus with 'The Kardashians.' With a much sleeker look and big Disney dollars behind it,  their latest endeavour feels....rich. If their insecurity has always been being viewed as just reality stars, why not reframe the way we consider reality tv? We know nothing this family does is by accident; they are masters of their own narratives, with Mama Kris as the ultimate Momager. So... what does this big budget, cinematic production tell us about the new ways the Kardashians want to be perceived, and what does the future hold?
For a more dynamic experience, follow us on Instagram@haveyouheardpodcast.So many of our episodes, including this one, are shaped through discussions with listeners, which you can revisit through our IG highlights. We also post cool articles, tv/film recommendations, and generally love to break down notable cultural moments.
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