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New to your pod

Really enjoying your podcast. Thanks to Tamara Taggart for making me aware of it. Can’t wait for the next episode already. I can see this taking off big time. You’re good!!!!!!

My Fav Podcast!

Love listening to Mahsa and her guests chat about all things pop culture- you need to also follow her on Instagram for all the hot tea!! 🫖🔥

New fav podcast!

A little guilty pleasure listening to the gossip of people on social media, some of who are local - such interesting back stories! Love pop culture info so my new daily pleasure. Thanks!

My new favourite podcast

Have You Heard About podcast is my new favourite podcast. Mahsa delivers such interesting topics and delves deep into them. I look forward to each one. My only wish is to have more.

It’s feels like girls night chats over wine.

I started listening to the podcast after moving to a new city during the fifth wave restrictions of COVID. I didn’t know anyone in my new city and hd no way of making friends. It was definitely lonely but listening to the podcast felt like having a girls night chat over wine. I appreciate how much research Mahsa puts into each episode to give the background, especially on episodes like Jessica Mulroney and Sasha Exeter. I don’t want to spoil any episodes but I think she’s spot on with her take on influencing and it was refreshing that she wasn’t intimidated to take on big names like Jillian Harris and Rachel Holis. Mahsa is a feminist and definitely has progressive views but I don’t understand why *HER* podcast is getting hate for her sharing her views… it’s her podcast?? Also, if you think racial justice and women’s rights are “too liberal”, 1. This podcast may not be for you 2. You should maybe do some reflection as to why those topics bother you.

Well done!

Mahsa and her guests always have engaging conversations and have me more interested in pop culture based on how intelligently they approach each subject. I love the deep dives and the mini dives. I only wish there was a new one every week (but understand that it takes a long time to make these properly, the way she does).

Love it

M has a really amazing voice and listening to her deep dives and hot takes has been amazing! Keep it up girl!

Fantastic Content

Just a few episodes in and I'm hooked. Bravo.

So Good

These podcasts are so good, relatable and easy to listen to. Never thought pop culture was for me, but I am hooked. Mahsa has one of those easy to listen to voices and has a lot to say and interesting guests. I’m here for it all.


With the state of the world as it is, sometimes it’s fun to listen to a podcast that makes you forget about all that. It sometimes offers a look back (VC Andrews, anyone?) and at other times is more current (Jillian Harris). Masha does extensive research and can dissect a topic like anyones business, but I like that she’s never mean or catty. She provides thoughtful commentary and some excellent resources on pop culture. This one’s a keeper!

Listened to them all!!!!!

I came for the Rachel Hollis deep dive and found myself obsessively listening to every single episode. The deep dives are thorough, but so well done and entertaining. I get excited every time I’m notified of a new episode. 10/10 recommend.

Keep Coming Back for More

First discovered this podcast for the Jillian Harris episodes. However I keep coming back for Mahsa’s deep dives. Her love and deep knowledge of pop culture is refreshing. Add in a sprinkling of sociology, intersectionality and literary criticism. Chef’s kiss!

Students of Pop Culture, Welcome to Class

I stumbled upon this podcast after devouring Yellowjackets and wanted to hear plot analyzations and reviews. I listened to the Yellowjackets Ep and immediately scrolled through the rest of the episodes. Before I knew what happened, I’d consumed every episode like a kid gorging on Halloween candy. Mahsa calls herself a student of pop culture, she thoughtfully dissects and analyzes pop culture through an intellectual lens. If you love pop culture, nostalgia, and examining how pop culture has shaped our world - I look forward to seeing you in class! 😉♥️

Smart and fun!

I’m so happy that I stumbled upon this podcast! I’m enjoying Mahsa’s (host) thorough take on pop culture and the enthusiasm she exudes. Her guests are so fun as well. This podcast is a breath of fresh air, and her IG page is just as good!

Entertaining to the max!

Love listen to the podcast! Feeling much more up to date on all things pop culture.

I dig it

Watching the Netflix inviting Anna and wanted more and here it is. And now listening through others.

Deepest Dives!

This podcast is a worth while long form podcast on pop culture with accurate written titles and descriptions. Have You Heard About Podcast is well researched, cited and has many references to add to or inspire a journey into these topics you’ve always wondered about. So I should probably drop my suggestion for an episode: Jillian Harris!!

The Pop Culture conversations I wish I could have with my friends.

Randomly found this podcast when I heard there was an Anna Delvey series coming out soon and I wanted to refresh my memory. I like the insight and the stories, some I know well and some just surface level. I haven’t listened to all of the episodes, but quickly binged a bunch once I found out about it. Masha and guests provide insight into pop culture and shine a light on a rising issue we have - influencers.

Love it! Always an interesting listen

The episodes seem to reflect exactly what pop culture topics I am interested in that week. Mahsa and her guests are well informed and I appreciate that they take an even handed approach in their discussions. It feels like a fun conversation with friends!


I came for the VC Andrews episode and stayed for the conversations about pop culture people I have never heard of. I appreciate the critical lens, Canadian POV and enjoy the guests. (I also like the end segment of current obsessions! It sounds like I need to watch Yellowjackets!)

Listened to them all!

I love the in depth takes on all the subjects. Masha really makes me think deeper about current topics and events. I look forward to new episodes! Thanks

My new favourite guilty pleasure

I’m currently obsessed with this podcast! I love how much knowledge the host has on pop culture. It honestly reminds me of my best friend and I. We are both obsessed with people weekly and talk at length about stories that grab our attention. Please make more episodes!!!!! You’re my newest guilty pleasure next to the real housewives of Beverly Hills.

The pop culture deep dive I needed

Love this one, only complaint not enough episodes

So gossipy and fun

Love the hosts and topics!

Easy listen

Feels like you’re in a convo with a friend. Interesting topics some I hadn’t heard of before with great deep dive analysis but in a sharp and funny way. A new fave

Love it

So fun

Witty and easy to listen to!

Great podcast. The host(s) navigate a range of topics from fashion to television to racism in a way that is witty, clever, and easy to listen to. My new favourite!


Loooove it. Always have good banter and topics are interesting. New fave

The Podcast I’ve Been Waiting for!!!

Beyond thrilled about this. It’s the feel good type of Podcast that make you feel like you’re in the room talking to your girlfriends. Funny & Intriguing with a bit of quirk. Love love love!!!! Keep it going 🙏

Love it!

Love listening while I work! Feels like I am sitting amongst friends listening to them chat. I also appreciate the background research. I listen as soon as the latest episode is uploaded!