June 16, 2021

Part One: The Rachel Hollis Takedown

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The podcast is back after a short break! And we come back with a vengeance as we take on Christian mommy blogger/entrepreneur/author/Tony Robbins wannabe/no stranger to controversy Rachel Hollis.

In Part 1 of 2, Mahsa and guest co-host Rachel do a deep dive/takedown, breaking down the controversy that surrounds Rachel Hollis, past and present. And yes, we dissect every bit of that TikTok video and subsequent non-apologies. Yes, apologies plural because to the shock of no one, she had to apologize for her apology.

Things get divisive when the subject of influencer and fellow mommy blogger/entrepreneur Jillian Harris comes up. She somehow finds herself roped into the Rachel Hollis drama, and we have very differing points of view on where we stand on her.

Along the way we try our best to answer the bigger questions: What makes someone worthy of a follow/unfollow, how much do we expect influencers to speak up about what's happening outside their perfect little insta squares, what makes Rachel Hollis such an aspirational figure to so many (particularly in the mlm set), and can we and should we be doing better by the people whose accounts we are following?

Special mention to Ben and Jen the remix who are our obsessions this week, Chrissy Teigen's reckoning continues, and we try to rebrand cancel culture as accountability culture.

Stay tuned for Part 2 next week.

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Rachel Hollis TikTok Video