Feb. 16, 2022

Part One: Jillian Harris & The Wild Influencer Economy

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This is by far the most asked for episode from our listeners, and your complicated feelings on the subject fascinates us!

Mahsa and guest-host Rachel delve into the world of Jillian Harris. From her stint as the Bachelorette to her BFF persona on Instagram, to the evolution of using her platform to speak out on social causes, we have so much to talk about.

This episode is largely shaped by our amazing community on Instagram. We posed the question: "Do you follow Jillian Harris, why or why not,?" and the responses were so insightful we kept the discussion going to examine the influencer economy.  We see their lives summed up in carefully curated IG feeds, but what responsibility do they have to acknowledge life outside those pretty squares?

We had so much to say this will be a two-parter. Part One focusses on Jillian's career, while Part Two (coming next week) will contrast Jillian with a few other Canadian influencers, the intersection of influencing and socio-political  issues, plus tackling some of the big questions around what influencers owe us, and vice-versa.

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