June 23, 2021

Part 2: The Rachel Hollis Takedown, and a Critical Look at 'Girl, Wash Your Face'

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We're back at it in part two of the Rachel Hollis deep dive/takedown!

We explore the hot mess that is 'Girl, Wash Your Face,' and wonder about the world we live in when a book like this not only gets published, but finds a devoted set of fans. Highlights (really, lowlights), include: marriage problems can be solved through daily sex (even if you don't want to), if you're unhappy that's your fault (no matter what!), and being very hydrated is a cure-all. Spoiler alert, we really, really dislike this book.

Bigger discussions include Rachel Hollis adopting Tony Robbins as her persona (as if one Tony Robbins wasn't enough), her blatantly plagiarising cinematic masterpiece 'Clueless' (because plagiarizing seems to be her thing), why 'competition' needs to stop being a dirty word, and the alignment between the aspirational MLM culture and the success of the Hollis Co. Rise conferences. So much to unpack, it's a good one.

Obsessions include Seth Rogen's new book 'Yearbook,' partly because it's a love letter to our hometown of Vancouver.

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