March 24, 2021

College Admissions Scandal: Operation Varsity Blues on Netflix

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This is the real-life story of the College Admissions Scandal that took the US by storm in 2019. Rick Singer, an elite 'college counsellor,' worked with some of the wealthiest American families to secure their kids a spot in the Nation's most coveted schools, through hefty donations and an elusive side door.

Eventually, he gets caught, and works with authorities to indict over 50 parents, including Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli (parents of influencer Olivia Jade), and celebrated actress Felicity Huffman,

We deep-dive all the sordid details of this Netflix documentary as we attempt to answer the big question-- why the wealthiest families with all the access and resources afforded to them ultimately resort to cheating.

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Operation Varsity Blues: College Admissions Scandal (Netflix)
Private Schools Have Become Truly Obscene (Caitlin Flanagan, The Atlantic)